Thursday, July 2, 2009

i got a manicure...dominican style!

hello again! i dont have much more to report, but i wanted to note that i got a MANICURE in the dominican republic...ha!!! it was quite the experience. one of the teachers that we work with, ada, asked my friend jenn and i if we would like to get our nails done with her, and of course, we said YES! it was such a treat and we felt so blessed. so, after school yesterday, we walked over with ada, through the barrios, and arrived at someones house...thats pretty much how they roll here...salons and homes are the same thing! the girls were very nice and soaked our hands in a bucket full of soapy water before painting on our wild designs! here comes the awesome part...manicures are not simple or plain here, like they usually are in the states. it is a must that you get some sort of hand painted design on top of your already bright nail i have magenta pink nails with white and yellow flowers on each nail...pretty snazzy! when we got to school this morning, all of the little girls noticed our nails right away...its a pretty big deal, and we feel very privelaged! another fun fact for you, we have mice in our house!!! so we have set up glue traps everywhere and in the past 3 days we have caught 4 mice...its actually the saddest most inhumane way to catch a mouse, i think. once the mouse is caught in the glue it spends the rest of its life trying to break free which only results in the mouse becoming more stuck to the trap, so what we do, actually, my brave roommate alli, drowns the mice in water as soon as we catch them so they have a less traumatic death. i know, very sad!

this week went really well...i got to spend a lot more time with the kids and just hang out with them in the afternoons! and this saturday, i am going to santo domingo to visit julio and then off to jarabacoa for a 4th of july party with some americanas! we are all looking forward to this so much! sorry this blog is pretty short with not a lot of substance to it, but i will write more in a few days...after this eventful weekend! i love you all so so much and thank you always for your prayers and encouragment...i still need them!


  1. "Mice like girls with pretty flowered nails!!! watch out!" Said by Aunt Carey!


    We are sitting here reading your blog and just laughing! We love you and miss you....hope all is well! Cant wait to read the next one!

  2. You WOULD get a manicure in the DR. hahaha. You have no idea how much that made me laugh. I love you and miss you.