Monday, June 29, 2009

MT. MOGOTE...claimed it!

wow! i have never felt so blessed...all of your comments and prayers mean so much! you all give me so much more love to give!!! the Lord is GOOD. i would love to start out by saying that this past weekend, i hiked Mt. Mogote, yes the second hightest mountain in the DR!!! it was nuts, but so so beautiful! i have never witnessed anything like it. the summit was 5,000 feet...which means i hiked 10,000 feet total...i think?! any pro hikers out there who would know what this means? people were saying that we summitted a 5,000 ft you all can do the math! anyways, we started out at 6 45 in the morning and drove a couple hours to our destination we hiked all day and got back to the base of the mountain around 4. i cannot wait to show you all the pictures...glorious! one of my favorite memories was when we had hiked about half way up the mountain and we came to this huge clearing...where you could see for miles...just more mountains. everything was lush and green...of course, we broke out into song singing, THE HILLS ARE ALIVE...with the sound of was so funny and i will never forget it...even the grown men with us were serenating our surroundings! haha. Dad, this really made me think of you! you would have been the instigator (sp)!!! as for Sunday, it was much more relaxing. after church, we did our routine grocery run and then headed home for lunch. we had planned on going to a friends house to do laundry but it didnt work out so we washed EVERYTHING in the kitchen sink...3 loads and 7 laundry lines later...our apartment is currently lined with hanging laundry! it is the funniest sight...dont worry, we have pictures of this too! and last night, we had a huge thunderstorm, which i loved! so it was a wonderful weekend!

today, was also amazing!!! i cannot believe how much better i am feeling...and truly able to rest in the Lords care and grace here. it is an answer to so many prayers...and i thank you all for your constant support. this morning, i read a book to the kids, in SPANISH!! that was a huge feat, and hopefully i will continue to do this daily with them. i so enjoyed my time with all the kids today...this afternoon, we baked a cake, dominican style! they really know how to cook here...i am hoping to bring some recipes back to the states, but no guarantees.

currently, our water is back on, but you seriously just never maybe keep our running water in your prayers! also, this weekend i am trying to make it to Santo Domingo (the capital) to visit the child that my family sponsers. please pray that this can it is the only time i have available to do this. it would be another awesome adventure and such a gift for Julio. if i go, my friend Ashley will be going with me and we will be finding our way via public transportation, so it will be super interesting!

i am still missing the comforts of home and being surrounded by you all, but God is fully allowing me to let that longing go and cling to the people and beauty here. this is happening only by His power and i am so thankful. i am finding that the DR is an easy place to fall inlove with...everyone walks everywhere (very healthy), the food is delicious, the people are so friendly and serving, it is surrounded by Gods handiwork...and He is clearly working in so many lives here...i am privelaged to be with the people here who practice and live with the Lord as their first and greatest love. also, they make coffee here at 3 in the afternoon...Mom, you would love this...i sure do!

i love you all so much and praise God that He has given me such a divine and treasured circle of support...i am truly held by your prayers and the Lords sweet sweet love...we all are.

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