Friday, June 26, 2009

for the love of lunch ladies

so here´s a little bit of info for you of my life in the DR. i just spent about a half hour writing a new post for this blog when the city lost power. it happens everyday, numerous times...most of the time you never know when its gonna anyways, i will try to recap what i wanted to share...

so as some of you know, yesterday was extrememly hard for me. the Lord usually has His ways of letting me shake the overwhelming feelings of discouragement that can consume my thoughts, but yesterday i couldnt seem to break away. it was lunch time and i wasnt feeling any my amazing friend, Jennifer, and i started talking about why i seem to still battle with being homesick and so almost 21 for crying out loud. as we read the story of the Israelites wandering through the desert for 40 years, found in Deut., God began to break through...He let them suffer but it was purely for their good and benefit. this form of discipline is not out of wrath by any means but out of the great and immense love that the Father has for us. He knows that what He has for us is so much greater than anything else this world can offer. i have easily lost sight of that, especially on this trip. the devil has made it seem as though going home is the only way to remedy my despaired feelings, when in reality God has me here, and He is the only one who can satisfy my longing for peace and contentment. this time of intense humility in the Lord has been harsh but also one of the most beautiful understandings i have ever had with our Creator...and i cant tell you enough how much it means to me to know and feel your prayers and love...i have been blessed with so many guardian angels.

in addition to this, last night we ate dinner with the team who is here for the week. i sat next to a woman whom i had never met before, but i know that God placed us together...she is a woman of resilience and unending joy and faith in the Lord. she has been through many obstacles in her life, but she endured on...letting the glory and love of God flow through it all. she didnt even know the extent to which i had been hurting yesterday when she gently placed her hand on my shoulder and said do not give up. her words were straight from the heart of God...and she was yet, another angel.

i am surrounded by this type of kindness and sevanthood everywhere in the DR. this culture is so others focused...constantly serving one another. i especially cherish the lovely women who prepare our lunch everyday. their smiles seriously light up the room. they hold the joy and love of Christ within them. it is pure Beauty. they give such generous everyone. and it is so amazing because despite our language barrier, the Lord has bound us together in His likeness.

on the lighter side, today was spent preparing the curriculum for next week. it was super chill and fun to put together next weeks activities. and tonight, us ladies have bible study. we are going to this small little bakery, which we have all been waiting to go smells SO GOOD. and tomorrow, we venture on our first hike up into las montanas. we are all so excited...i cant even imagine how beautiful its going to be...i really wish there was a way that i could upload pictures here for you all to see, but since im only using public computers i dont think its an option. so i cant wait to reveal some of the beauty of this place with you, when im home.

and Mom, a little special thanks to you for those Bible verses this and Dad are such wonderful parents...people keep telling me that its a blessing to be this homesick, because that just means that the roots of our beautiful family are forever entwined...i would never have it any other way. i love you each so much.


  1. i forgot to mention that the FOOD IS SO AMAZING HERE...

  2. Corinny! ok so you are such a good writer! I loved everything you said and that is so cool about all the guardian angels that have been showing up. I want to share with you something else that was so cool, I went to farahs house to say goodbye to Krissy and I was talking about you and how you have been feeling homesick. And she that she would pray for you, but then she was like you want to just pray now! So we stood in her kitchen and just prayed for you. You have so much support here and we are all rooting for you. I hope that you will be encouraged everyday and I know you are learning so much! I love you and miss you.

  3. Cori:

    Ok so to me you will always be Cori...sorry..auntie priviledge. I know sometimes I don't always understand your faith, but know that You are much stronger than I or Uncle John will ever be. Those kids need the beautiful talented person you are now more than ever. Show them that they too can one day venture outside their comfort zone and see a whole new world.... With much love, Aunt Courteney....

  4. CORI!!!

    I can not begin to express how proud I am of you!!! You are enduring incredible, internal hardship and spiritual battles, maybe unlike you have ever experienced before, but girl - you are persevering! AND more importantly, you are SO aware of yourself and you are learning so much about yourself, humanity, and the LOVE of our precious Savior. Keep on keeping on girlfriend!

    Cori - I am not going to pretend that I know what it is like to be homesick in the middle of the Dominican Republic, but I do know what it is like to feel overwhelmed and homesick while on your own. And I just want to encourage you that you are handling it beautifully! You are admitting your struggles, lifting them to the Lord, and asking others around you for support and comfort! You have covered your bases girlfriend! haha And you are right - it is a blessing to "miss home" because your home LOVES you! You have so many people anxiously awaiting your arrival, but also praying that you will soak up every minute of your experience. The Lord is stretching you, Cori, and He will forever use this experience in your life for His glory! You are amazing, STRONG, compassionate, and so so so capable. You were placed in DR for a reason - Never forget that! Why else would the Lord take away my bff for the summer? haha just kidding... But really, God wants you in the DR and your heart focused on His work! You go girl!

    I love you so much - thank you for your sweet birthday card and note. It made my day! You are even blessing me from thousands of miles away! But that is so YOU to do that! I am so blessed to have you in my life!

    Keep posting - that way I feel like you are not that far away... :)
    See you soon!

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  6. Corinne Corinne Corinne,

    I absolutely love reading all of your experiences thus far in the DR. You are such an amazing writer and your heart is so evident in everything you say.

    I am so grateful that you have been experiencing God in many ways and through many people. I want you to remember that God is using you in so many peoples lives as well. I can remember being in Trinidad and feeling so blessed by everything I was able to do and everyone I was able to meet. However, I don't think I grasped the impact I had on others while I was there. God is using you in so many ways, some obvious, some you will never know, but I want you to know how important you are while you are there.

    I miss you dearly, but am so glad you are pursuing your dream and commiting yourself to the people of the DR while you are there. You are such an amazing woman with one of the kindest spirits I have ever been blessed to know. I can't wait until you are home with me (and living with me!) and I am fully expecting you to talk about this day and night until at least December :)

    I am praying for you daily and hope that you continue to be safe and blessed during your time there. Oh and good news...a package is better get there on time!

    Love you always!

  7. Cori!

    It is so amazing reading your blogs. It's good to hear how well you are handling every negative aspect that comes your way. I can't wait to hear all about your trip and how much you miss being in the DR when I finally get to see you in Michigan! You're in my family's thoughts and prayers. see you soonish!