Monday, June 22, 2009


this morning was amazing. before each school day, the teachers here start their day together by reading the Word and singing the most beautiful songs to the Lord. it was such a blessing to be a apart of their time with God. as the women started singing i was immediately filled with tears, because their voices were pure and their hearts so full of love for God and His children.

i wish i had more time to write right now, but i just wanted to share the beauty of living and worshipping with others, in their culture. i love you all!!!!!!!


  1. Hi and I are posting a comment. We are glad to hear your first day was so positive. It was great talking to you yesterday. It sounds like you are handling the challenges well, as hard as it is. We have been killing spiders in our house today as well....Love you...Mom and Dad

  2. Dad was too brief...I hope you will be getting some snail mail tomorrow. Will you be able to receive packages? I wanted to send you more fruit leathers to round out your diet of beans and rice! I am doing ok not eating chocolate, but I think I'm drinking more coffee! Graham got a buzz cut today. He'll look quite tough at the Indy tournament. Miss you tons, but so proud of you. Press on in His power and love,
    Love you. Mom