Friday, July 17, 2009

little good byes


so i believe this will be my last post, here in the DR! i am staying away from the internet and anything that can distract me from my last week i just wanted to say a little hello and let you all know how great these last few weeks have been! you know im excited to come home, but im also very sad to be leaving here. the Lord has blessed me so much through the relationships that ive made here. the kids are beautiful in every way...its going to be hard to say good bye.

you all are in my thoughts and prayers still! i am so thankful for my time here and cant wait to share more with you, when im home! thank you for all of your support...even up until these last few days!

a little update for you on what ill be doing here this next week...
today we're going to a waterfall with some of the kids from the really excited for this, because ive heard its beautiful! and tomorrow, some of the other interns from Jarabacoa are driving up here to hike another mountain with us for the day! i CANNOT WAIT to show you all pictures! then, this next week we'll be doing the usual classes and activities during the day...however this week is super crazy...getting ready to say good bye and such. on tuesday, my roommates and i are having a bunch of the teachers over for dessert and games to say thank you and just enjoy more time together! Friday night we have a little good bye party with all the kids and then saturday or sunday all of us interns will be heading to the beach until Tuesday, when we leave! i cant believe it!!! i also want to note, that last night, we had a little princess party with all the girls here at the Ark. we had so much fun together just being CHICAS!

anyways all, i love you very much! im sorry that this seems a little vague and distant. its just super hard for me now to try to organize my thoughts, because im not quite to the point where i can reflect on everything ive learned here...theres been SO much! thank you again for all the love and prayers. God is soo good and has allowed me to know and feel His sovereign and Divine hand in everything that has happened here...around me and within.

all my love and gratitude.
just in case youre wondering, ill be landing in Miami around 4 30 on Tuesday (the 28th) and getting back to Detroit around 11 30 pm. SEE YOU SOON :)

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