Friday, July 31, 2009

fearfully and wonderfully made

i have been welcomed HOME by such an amazing family and beautiful friends! its good to be past 3 days at home have been jam packed with seeing friends, being up north, family, and weddings...all very fun, but as a result, i have not had a moment to breathe or reflect on the heartache of leaving behind the people on the beautiful island of the dominican republic. maybe this is a good thing? i tend to think not though. i am doing my best to remember and ACT ON all that the Lord taught and showed me while there. i think one of the greatest reminders that God let me see was that "to who much has been given, much is expected." i have never found that to be more true for my life. i have been GIVEN SO MUCH. this truth and unending blessing of God's grace and goodness has equipped me to devote my life to bettering our eternal Home, His kingdom. i am not sure of the form to which this will take on, but i know that the Lord has it perfectly planned out for me...and hopefully my future husband and family...but it starts now, even before all that. i trust that He will lead me...He always does. I need only to be willing...

my time in the DR was a blessing unlike any other. through any and all of the hurt and hardship that i experienced the Lord was at work- BIG TIME. He knew exactly how to grab hold of my heart best...He allowed me to be vulnerable with those around me...creating an unbreakable and unique bond that can only be cultivated by the Hand of God. each day brought upon new obstacles that resulted in the greatest blessings and gifts, from above. this was truly an "adventure with God" as one my best friends put it before leaving for this trip...and the day before i flew home, one of my new and dear sisters in Christ turned to me and said, "Corinne, this summer was another part of your love story with God." i could not have said it any better myself. her words and the realization of that truth created an overwhelming sense of gratitude to and for my greatest Love. because of this Love, i so desire for the Lord to fully use the life He has given me, for His glory alone.

so thank you all for your many prayers and daily encouragement. being away let me see HOW loved i am...i have been surrounded by such beautiful people...who consistently teach me how to better live and love in the Lord.

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  1. WELCOME HOME !!!!
    i am so excited to see you in a few weeks and hear even more about your amazing adventure. you are such a wonderful person corinne ! i love you and i will see you soon !!!
    <3 katie